Chairman`s Message

25th Anniversery of APPL

I am delighted to offer my heartfelt felicitations and congratulation to the Academic Press and Publishing Library ( APPL) on the observance of the 25th Founding Anniversary of the Academic Publishing (AP) of which the  APPL, s the worthy successor.

APPL is the inheritor of a glorious tradition of quality publication. During the active distance of AP and the successor organization APPL over two and half decades the institution has published a large number of books of high standard both in English and Bangla.

Through its continuous and sincere efforts, the organization has succeeded in achieving and holding a leading position in the world of quality publications.

The APPL owes a profound debt of gratitude of its founder Managing Director Late Mr. Habibur Rahman my close friend and competent colleague. It was on his request that I became the Chairman of APPL in 1997.

After his sad and premature demise in 2001, he organization faced great difficulties. Mrs. Shahin Rahman, W/o late Mr. Habibur Rahman assumed the responsibilities of Managing Director after the death of Mr. Habibur Rahman. With the hold and guidance of the Board of Directors she was able successfully to meet the challenges facing the organization. Some problems remain but by and large, APPL, under the dynamic management of Mrs. Shahina Rahman has been able to maintain the proud heritage of earned success.

I also convey the grateful thanks of APPL to its able authors, generous patrons, supporters, friends and valued clients.

i wish the organization all success in it smooth functioning.

Dr. Mizanur Rahman shelley
Chairman, APPL

The academic press and publishers library ( appl) a successors of Academic publishers started its journey 25 years ago with overwhelming enthusiasm under the able leadership of late Mr. Habibur Rahman, the founder managing director.

After this sad and sudden demise on 28th February 2001, I Shahina Rahman his wife took over the charge of APPL. Since then this publishing house brought out a good quantity of valuable books on different subjects.

On the happy occasion of 25 Anniversary of APPL, I congratulate and thank our Chairman Dr. Mizanur Rahman Shelley for being with this reputed publishing house. APPL and for his over all support and cooperation.

I express my gratitude to all the distingused authors, directors, friends, well-wishers, clients, distributors and my colleagues in the APPL.

we need the support and encouragement from all quarters fulfilling our mission

Shahina Rahman
Former Managing Directors, APPL

Some views on APPL on the occation of 25th Anniversary of APPL

Its is my great pleasure to congratulate APPL on the occassion of its 25th anniversary. APPL has already distinguished itself as a reputable publishing house, particularly specializing in English language publications. It has tried to focus on such areas as administration, environment, history, politics, philosophy and religion. its authors includes eminent scholars and academics of Bangladesh. Over the years the quality of production of APPL publications has also improved significantly. I wish APPL a more prosperous future.

Profesor Nazrul Islam
University Grants Commission

I am delighted to learn that Academic Press and Publishers Library ( APPL) is going to celebrate its 25th Founding Anniversary. I congratulate to organizers. I had the occasions to come the contact with APPL few moths back in connection with the publication of the entitled “Reminiscence of Few Decades and Problems of Democracy in Bangladesh “ authored by me and published by APPL.

I am impressed by the performance of the publishers of my book. Ms. Shahin Rahman, the managing Director, APPL, aided by competent team of workers, ahs done a very nice job, which deserves high appreciation.

I am confident that under the able guidance of Dr. Mizanur Rahman Shelley, Chairman APPL, the organization will set up a standard quality publication in Bangladesh and enhance its reputation. I wish APPL all success
Justice Chowdhury A.T.M Masud
Former, Judge, Supreme Court of Bangladesh
(Appellate Davison)
Ex-chief Election commissioner, Bangladesh
President, National Heart Foundation of Bangladesh

On the 25th anniversary, I write to offer my congratulations and felicitations on APPL`s accomplishment as publishers of wide ranging books of excellence under Mrs. Shahina Rahman`s guidance and support of the Board of Directors headed by Dr. Mizanur Rahman Shelley. I take satisfaction in APPL as it has published one of book titled ‘Bangladesh Foreign Policy’ in 2005.

Socrates said: the only good is knowledge and the only evil is knowledge that is responsive to society’s need. Informed society is the best weapon of democratic practices and norms in the country. APPL contributes significantly to learning and creation of knowledge. APPL has been able to provide service education and research and to new needs and various areas of intellectual enlightenment. Credit goes to APPL for doing well in a business that is highly competitive with costs of publishing rising day by day. it is challenges that is stimulation and demanding.

I wish the APPL continuing success in the years ahead.
Harun ur Rashid
Former Ambassador to the UN, Geneva

I extent my heartfelt congratulations and greetings to APPL on the occasion of its Silver Jubliee celebration. I have the privilege of coming in close contact with its managing Director Mrs. Shahina Rahman who along with her competent and dedicated association helped to publish my book entitled “Justice Muhammad Ibrahim ( 1898-1966) Memorial volume” recently. This publishing house has earned a reputation for publishing books on varied subjects and the quality of the production is undoubtedly outstanding.
I hope under the able guidance of its reputed scholar and the dynamic managing Director Mrs. Shahin Rahman the APPL will continue flourish to enrich and enlighten the mind of the serious readers for many more year to come.
Dr. Sufia Ahmed
National Profesor

APPL has already made a mark upon the publication world both at home and abroad. In recent years it has published some of the best works on the Liberation War, history, politics and urbanization of Bangladesh. Many of the Bangla publication are also outstanding.
I am particularly pleased to learn that despite tremendous pressure the APPL has stuck to its original aim of remaining basically a research oriented publication house. it had been possible due to the steadfastness and determination of its founder, late Habibur Rahman and his worthy successor Mrs. Shahina Rahman, his better half.
On this happy occasion of the Silver Jubilee of APPL, I extend my heartiest felicitations of and congratulations to its Chairman, Board of Directors, managing Director and staff. I wish APPL all the success in future.
Sharif Uddin Ahmed
Professor of History
University of Dhaka

Academic Press and Publishers Library ( APPL) established 25 years back made itself known amongst the writers of both the segments of old and new as an alternative source. In APPL one does not have to wait for months together to know from the publishers whether the manuscript or manual is worthy for publication
It had been my privilege to have the possibility of knowing the APPL management team while they took care in publishing my book ‘Brave of Heart’
I wish all the members of PPL my best wishers on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of its service towards publication
Habibul Alam
Bir Pratik

Late Mr. Habibur Rahman of Academic Press and I became acquainted some time in the late eighties. It gives me much pleasure even today to remember him, a perfect gentleman with an encouraging smile to welcome anyone he met. His sudden demise shocked all his friends and relatives including myself. By then Academic Publishers had transformed into Academic Press and Publishers Library ( APPL).
Death of Mr. Habibur Rahman created a void in the administration of APPL. Ms. Shahina Rahman, not at all conversant with the publishing business, took up the challenge of running APPL, encouraged by her friend and well-wishers. We find now her dedication, hidden strength and courage have turned APPL into one of the leading Publishing house in Bangladesh. We all wish, under the supervision of Ms. Rahman, APPL will become more established into the near future.
Prof. Hasna Begum