Writer : Dr. Mehedi Ahmed Ansary and Dr. Munaz Ahmed Noor
ISBN : 984 08 0210 0
Year of Publication : 2006
Cover Design
Size : 11"X8"
Price : Tk. 500 (paperback) / US$ 30

Earthquake Resistant Design Manual

Recent years have seen the construction of a large number of buildings all over Bangladesh, particularly in the metropolitan areas. There is increasing concern both among policymakers and members of the public about the safety of the structures against earthquakes. Although a National Building Code with provisions for including earthquake resistant features in the design was prepared in 1993, it is yet to be implemented. There appears to be a lack of awareness among engineers, architects and other professionals involved in the design and construction of buildings about the design and detailing principles to ensure that the building is safe against earthquakes.
Writer : Sadrel Reza, M.U. Ahmed & Wahiduddin Mahmud
ISBN : 984 08 0050 7
Year of Publication : 1992
Cover Design
Size : 8.5"X5.5"
Price : Tk. 275 (hardback), US$ 20

Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises in Industrial Development

The role of small and medium-scale industries in accelerating industrial development of the less developed countries is well recognised and well rehearsed in a large body of literature. Although some times criticised on grounds of relative inefficiency and a non-optimal use of productive factors as compared to larger firms, the SMIs have been generally extolled for their greater dependence of labour-intensive production techniques, lower requirements of imported inputs and a better pattern of geographical dispersion. This book is the first major contribution of its kind in Bangladesh to provide an empirically detailed and authentic analysis of three SMI sub- sectors viz., food processing, textiles and metal working.
Writer : Dr. A. M. Choudhury
ISBN : 984 08 0252 6
Year of Publication : 2012 (second print)
Cover Design
Size : 8.5"X5.5"
Price : Tk. 400 (hardback), US$ 20

Protecting Bangladesh from Natural Disasters

Bangladesh ranks currently as one of the world’s foremost disaster prone countries. The book contains material on major natural disasters namely tropical cyclones, floods, droughts, tsunamis, earthquaks and climate change. The author has put forth in this book his lifelong research work in all these topics. As Bangladesh economy depends to a large extent how we tackle natural disasters, this book should rank as a very useful contribution to our national economy. In one of the chapters the author has mentioned giving adequate data on national development that GDP slows down in a disaster year. There are fourteen chapters in this book. It is not in the form of a text book. It is a collection of research papers published by the author in various national and international journals.