Fiction / Short Stories

Writer : Translator: Jahanara Siddique
ISBN : 984 08 0281 X
Year of Publication : 2012 (second published)
Cover Design : Zahidur Rahman Khan & Golam Kabir
Size : 8.5"X5.5"
Price : Tk. 250 (paperback) / US$ 10


From Mauritius to Hawaii, from India to Switzerland, Jahan Ara Siddiqui`s stories have a wide range of settings. We travel with the characters to places as far apart as Australia and India. The settings may be different, the problems of the characters may be varied, yet true to mystery story genre, there is a solution at the end. Indeed, this collection of stories fulfills the requirements of the classic mystery story plus more. The reader will be drawn into situations that are quite novel and beyond the traditional mystery. For example, along with the mystery, we are introduced to cultures that are unique and unfamiliar and thus an added attraction to the readers. It could be a priest in Mauritius or a mysterious snake culture unique to Rajasthan, or even the fake guru culture of the subcontinent. As the author has traveled to most of the locations herself, we get firsthand background information about the various places and their inhabitants.
Writer : Joytiprakash Dutta
ISBN : 984 08 0141 4
Year of Publication : 1997
Cover Design : Rezaul Karim
Size : 8.5"X5.5"
Price : Tk. 60 (paperback) / US$ 4

Exile of the Rose and other Stories

The stories, carefully selected and efficiently edited, will bring the essential jyotiprakash Duttda, one of the extra-ordinary figures whose contribution to the making of new Bengali short fiction has been well recognized in the relevant chapters of literary history. His stories have the qualities of contemporary paintings that profess to conceal the very hard and sometimes inaccessible truths under the garb of abstractions.
Writer : Anannya Waraqa Matin
ISBN : 984 08 0278 X
Year of Publication : 2012
Cover Design : Mohiuddin Ahmed & Golam Kabir
Size : 8.5"X5.5"
Price : Tk. 200.00 (Paper back) / US $ 2.00

Ten Stories of Wonder

If you`ve read the preface you’ll know that this book consists of some random stories. Some of them are about science fiction, some of them about animals and some about adventure.

If you are sports loving, like me then you’ll enjoy the story “An Autobiography of a Cricket Bat”. If you love stuff about science fiction you might be interested in the stories “The Evil Robot” and “An Adventure in Space”.

There are other stories, too. Some of them are better than the ones mentioned above some of them are a little worse. Want to know what they’re about? Go find out that yourself!!!
Writer : Harishankar Jaladas
ISBN : 978 984 90879 0 8
Year of Publication : 2014
Cover Design : Alak Roy
Size : 8.5"X5.5"
Price : Tk. 280.00 (hardback) / Us $ 10.00

Sons of the Sea

Sons of the Sea is Quazi Mostain Billahs translation of Harishankar Jaladas’s first and prize-winning novel Jalaputra. Separately, the Bengali words jal and putra mean water and son respectively. But Jaladas has combined the two words to make one-jalaputa- to denote a fisherman. Trying to keep close to his meaning, the translator has chosen Sons of the Sea as English for Jalaputra as the narrative involves characters whose life is tied to the sea. The sea, like a mother, provides for them and as they plow it for survival they make true sons of the sea. Jaladas himself comes from a similar community and his own story of life seeps into the tale here and there. But the unearthing of that requires a separate investigation.

Sons of the Sea narrates the simple but impoverished life of a fishing community whose members live in dehumanising poverty. In weaving the tale of the fishing community, Jaladas has captured from A to Z of the life of its members. The readers come to know not only how they live or work, what their rituals are, what gears they use for fishing or what makes them happy or unhappy but also what forces undo them.

A reading of the novel will help the readers see, feel and think about the fishing community whose life Jaladas has penned with sympathy, empathy and effortless craftsmanship.
Writer : Kalimur Rahman
ISBN : 984 08 0083 3
Year of Publication : 1993
Cover Design : Rahman Habib
Size : 8.7"X5.5"
Price : Tk. 85 (hardback), US$ 10

My Small Bouquet

‘My Small Bouquet’ is nothing but the collection and compilation of author’s selected articles, short biographies and travelogues published from time to time in magazines, journals and newspapers. As a good book is the life-blood of its author, so a good article is the result of deep thinking, mature deliberation and persistent endeavours of its writer.