Writer : Kamal Siddiqui, Jamshed Ahmed
ISBN : 978-984-91448-9-2
Year of Publication : August 2016
Cover Design : Golam Kabir
Size : 8.5X 5.5”
Price : Tk. 700, US$ 20

Local government In bangladesh

This is undoubtedly the most authoritative work on a subject that is attracting renewed attention throughout the world in the light of need for decentralisation in a globalised world. It is now a prescribed text book in several Universities at home and abroad. This is the fifth edition, thoroughly revised and updated with new materials added. It consists of four parts, namely theoretical perspectives on local government and decentralisation, evolution of local government in Bangladesh since the ancient times, the current practice of local government (embracing structure and composition, functions, finance, personnel and relations with the national government) and leading issues and major challenges facing local government in Bangladesh. Divided into nine chapters and containing a rich bibliography, informative annexure and illustrative organograms. It is an essential reading for all development practitioners, civil servants, politicians and researchers, students and teachers of politics, public administration and sociology.
Writer : Syed Anwar Husain
ISBN : 984 08 0047 7
Year of Publication : 1991
Cover Design : Golam Sarwar
Size : 8.5"X5.5"
Price : Tk. 195 (hardback) / US$ 10

Superpowers & Security in the Indian Ocean A South Asian Perspective

The book considers the security of the Indian Ocean region in the context of the Indian Ocean Zone of Peace (IOZP) proposal. The discussion shows that this proposal has occasioned a controversy wherein the perceptions of extraregional and regional powers are widely divergent. While analyzing these differing perceptions in conceptual and historical contexts the central theme remains a comprehension of the underlying spirit of the peace zone concept and its evolution over the years.
Writer : Md. Gyasuddin Mollah
Year of Publication : 1990
Cover Design : Golam Sarwar
Size : 8.5"X5.5"
Price : Tk. 155 (hardback) / US$ 10

Politics of Food Aid Case of Bangladesh

The study examines the distribution dimension of food aid in Bangladesh. While examining the various ramifications of food aid distribution in Bangladesh, this study mainly focuses on the interest bias of the distribution system. The study also offers an indepth analysis of the extent to which the food aid attains its goals. It also examines whether the food aid reaches the needy or the population and whether food aid is used to serve any political interest.
Writer : Md. Abdul Mubeen and Humayun Kabir
ISBN : 984 08 0178 3
Year of Publication : 2003
Cover Design : Hesabur Rahman Nipu
Size : 8.5"X5.5"
Price : Tk. 300 (hardback) / US$ 20

25 Years of BIISS an Anthology

The Anthology is a select collection of articles by various authors published in BIISS Journal over the last more than two decades. The issues dealt with in this volume, such as national security, regional and international security, regional cooperation in South Asia, and Bangladesh-India relations, are immensely imprtant to Bangladesh for both academic and policy worlds.
Writer : Mizanur Rahman Shelley
ISBN : 984 08 0147 3
Year of Publication : 2007
Cover Design : Golam Kabir
Size : 8.5"X5.5"
Price : Tk. 375 (hardback) / US$ 25

Emergence of A New Nation in a Multi-polar World: Bangladesh

This book, in essence, in an analysis of the why and how of the emergence of Bangladesh as a sovereign state. It examines the major factors, both internal and external, that led to the success of the glorious war of liberation of the Bengalis of Bangladesh in 1971. Its contents are a blend of contemporary political history and analysis of complex and evolving stream of international affairs, which created and shaped the essence of the war for the liberation of Bangladesh.
Writer : Mizan R. Khan & Humayun Kabir
ISBN : 984 08 0165 1
Year of Publication : 2002
Cover Design : Nipu
Size : 8.5"X5.5"
Price : Tk. 250 (hardback) / US$ 20

Civil Society and Democracy in Bangladesh

The book Civil Society and Democracy in Bangladesh is a study on the role of the former in strengthening the latter in the country. Highlighting the role of the growing array of civil society organizations in putting politics on a desired track has indeed been a major objective of the discussion in the book. The book deals with two distinct and yet inextricably linked issues in the context of Bangladesh ,Civil Society and the Political Process, and ,Civil Society and People,s Empowerment,. The title of the book suggests its critical importance to Bangladesh, given the state of politics and the level of people,s empowerment.
Writer : Mohammad Humayun
ISBN : 984 08 0157 0
Year of Publication : 2000
Cover Design
Size : 8.5"X5.5"
Price : Tk. 295 (hard back) / US$ 20

National Security of Bangladesh in the Twenty First Century

The book deals with the nature and sources of threats to the national security of Bangladesh and elaborates on the security challenges in the present and future perspectives. It also raises and discusses various policy options for Bangladesh in dealing with such security challenges.
Writer : Shaheen Afroze
ISBN : 984 08 0172 4
Year of Publication : 2002
Cover Design : Hesabur Rahmdn Nipu
Size : 7.7"X5"
Price : Tk. 200 (hardback) / US$ 16

Bangladesh Southeast Asia Relations: Some Insights

Writer : Mohammad Humayun Kabir
ISBN : 984 08 0171 6
Year of Publication : 2002
Cover Design : Md. Daudul Islam
Size : 8.5"X5.5"
Price : Tk. 475 (hardback) / US$ 27

Confidence Building Measures and Security Cooperation in South AsiaChallenges in the New Century

The book Confidence Building Measures and Security Cooperation in South Asia: Challenges in the New Century is a study on the imperatives for confidence building in a conflict-ridden region like South Asia, the profile of the existing confidence building measures in the region, the possibility of drawing on relevant experiences in Europe, and on how to institutionalize attempts at confidence building and security cooperation in South Asia. The book deals with the concepts of confidence building and confidence building measures (CBMs). As inter-state relations in South Asia have historically been characterised by endemic conflicts and mistrust, the book highlights the need for engaging in such a process and adopting such measures that would reduce tensions and build trust and communication channels in the region.
Writer : Abdur Rob Khan
ISBN : 984 08 0168 6
Year of Publication : 2001
Cover Design : Golam Kabir
Size : 8.5"X5.5"
Price : Tk. 300 (hardback) / US$ 25

Globalization and Non-Traditional Security in South Asia

The present volume is the outcome of a preliminary exercise linking two very tangible phenomena of our contemporary existence: Globalization and Non-Traditional Security, in the context of South Asia. Globalization basically refers to a process, rather than a state of things or outcome, that enables people, and institutions to transcend national jurisdictions through markets, technology, interests and knowledge/information flow, Globalization effects countries and societies differentially depending on stages of development, motivations of state and sub-state actors. It shapes and also is shaped by the dialectics between state/sub-state actors and the international system, in the one hand, and those between the state and sub-state actors, on the other. So, impact of and response to globalization is an empirical question. How has South Asia, a region with seven countries-Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri lanka habited by about one fifth of mankind on the globe and at different stages of social, economic and cultural development been affected by globalization? Which are the sectors and social groups in these countries on which globalization is impacting? This questions transform the globalization discourse into the domain of what we call Non-Traditional Security. Not much has been done of Non-Traditional Security, although rethinking and reconceptualization of security continues. It is hoped that the present volume will inspire more research and deliberation in the field.
Writer : Shahed Latif
ISBN : 984 08 0174 0
Year of Publication : 2003
Cover Design : Hesabur Rahman Nipu
Size : 8.5"X5.5"
Price : Tk. 200 (hardback) / US$ 10

Window on Asia

The following book consists of articles written in the Daily Star column ‘Window on Asia’ 1990 to 2000. The writer was one of Daily Star,s first columnists and it was his fervent wish that some of his articles be compiled and published as a book. In nearly ten years, the author wrote over four hundred articles for the Daily Star. These are but a few of his contributions. When trying to bring together articles for this book. the author himself had grouped his articles in files and readied them for publication. So, it took little effort for us to put this book together.
Writer : Khan Ferdousour Rahman
ISBN : 984 08 0230 5
Year of Publication : 2008
Cover Design : Golam Kabir
Size : 8.5"X5.5"
Price : Tk. 400 (hardback) / US$ 25

Unbundling Human Rights

In addition to age old discrimination of colour and sex, people are also discriminated by power, education, talent and resources. Again the same human beings realize those differences through knowledge or wisdom, religion and philosophy. The world was worried with the devastating effect of World War II. The United Nations was formed as the last resort to protect the global people from suppression and humiliation. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was also adopted as a continuation of that obligation.

This book ,Unbundling Human Rights, includes as many as eighteen chapters on various human rights issues. The chapters are interconnected from which the readers will be benefited.
Writer : Md. Abdul Mannan
ISBN : 984 08 0193 4
Year of Publication : 2005
Cover Design : Ashim Kumar Halder
Size : 8.5"X5.5"
Price : Tk. 225 (hardback) / US$ 20

Elections and Democracy in Bangladesh

Elections produce and promote democracy. In this book, this hypothesis has been tested in the context of Bangladesh. For this purpose, all the national elections held in post-independent Bangladesh have been studied intensively and assessments have been made about democratic promotions through these elections. Here it has been concluded that not all elections, but only those that are participative and competitive in nature produce and promote democracy. From democratic point of view, elections held under non-partisan caretaker governments have appeared more meaningful than those held under party governments.
Writer : Ikhtiar Jahan Kabir
ISBN : 984 08 0267 4
Year of Publication : 2011
Cover Design : Bashir Ahmed Mamun and Ikhtiar Jahan Kabir
Size : 8.3"x5.2"
Price : Tk. 400 (paperdback) / US$ 20

Financial Services for the Poorest

The book ,Financial Services for the Poorest: Towards Comprehensiveness, is largely based on a pilot project, Financial Services for the Poorest, of Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF). The author feel proud to recollect that he has the opportunity to be involved in the initiation of the project, while he was in the PKSF. The project was launched with adequate ground word and with the visionary goal of eradication poverty from all levels.
Writer : Major Rofiqul Islam
ISBN : 984 08 0084 X
Year of Publication : 1993
Cover Design : Abdur Rouf Sarkar
Size : 8.5"X5.5"
Price : Tk. 170 (hardback) / US$ 10

The Military in Politics

This book also examines in a comparative analysis. The role which ruling military governments have played in national development. The author discusses military organisational values and skills in modernisation and argues that the evocation and application of these values and skills depends on the character of the leadership of individual ruling juntas. Their degree of professional training. Proximity to civilian society and so on. The author examines the ability of the military to build state power and reviews the ability of the military to make the right kind of social and public policy decisions. This book is addressed to the students of sociology and political science, members of the Armed Forces and the political leaders of Bangladesh.